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PCD-40_250 new product

180-295 VAC input voltage range
Constant current design
AC phase-cut dimming
Suitable for leading edge and trailing edge triac dimmers
Built-in active PFC function
Short circuit, over temperature protections
Cooling by free air convection
Fully isolated plastic case
IP30 design
Class II power unit

Part Number Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)
PCD-40-1750B 23V 1.75A 40.25W
PCD-40-1400B 29V 1.4A 40.6W
PCD-40-1050B 38V 1.05A 39.9W
PCD-40-700B 57V 0.7A 39.9W
PCD-40-500B 80V 0.5A 40W
PCD-40-350B 108V 0.35A 37.8W

The PCD-40 series are a range of LED dimmable power supplies designed for use with leading edge and trailing edge triac dimmers. With AC phase-cut dimming the PCD-40 series are of constant current design and are suitable for a range of LED lighting applications. Other standard functions of the series include built-in active PFC function, cooling by free air convection, IP30 design and protections against short circuit and over temperature.