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 PCC 36TD - featured

Constant current mode power supply
220-240VAC input
1-100% triac dimming function
Captive terminal screws for ease of connection
Snap lock cable strain relief for quick installation
Short circuit, over load, over temperature protections
Class II product
Cooling by free air convection
Trailing edge operation
SELV equivalent

Part Number Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)
PCC105036TD 35V 1.05A 36W
PCC70036TD 52V 0.7A 36W
PCC50030TD 56V 0.5A 30W

PCC 36TD Series are a range of 30-36W triac dimming constant current LED lighting power supplies with a 220-240VAC input voltage range. This dimmable power supplies utilise trailing edge operation and feature over load, short circuit and over temperature protections.