Moving signs
Back lighting
LED-based decorative lighting
LED-based architectural lighting
LED stage and theatre lighting
LED electronic displays


Constant current mode power supply
Universal AC input
Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 seconds
Epoxy encapsulated with IP67 level
Short circuit, over voltage protections
Fully isolated plastic case
Cooling by free air convection
Class II power unit, no FG
Passes LPS

Part Number Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)
LPC-20-700 30V 700A 21W
LPC-20-350 48V 350A 16.8W

LPC-20 Series are 20W AC/DC enclosed, non PFC design, switching power supplies. LPC-20 models offer constant current mode and high IP rating to protect the electronic components from dust and moisture, making suitable for use in harsh locations. LPC-20 Series possesses high efficiency and can operate between -30°C ~ +70°C using only free air convection. To protect the unit from sudden high surge for unstable AC line, LPC-20 can withstand 300VAC input surge for 5 seconds.