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Constant Current Design
Built-in Active PFC
Universal AC input/Full range up to 305VAC
High efficiency up to 93%
Three in one dimming function via 1-10Vdc, 10V PWM signal or resistance
Adjustable Constant Current level – through output cable
IP67 rated for indoor or outdoor installations
5 year warranty for approved installation.     

Part Number

Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)
HLG-240H-C2100B 119V 2.1A



143V 1.75A 250.25W
HLG-240H-C1400B 179V 1.4A



238V 1.05A 249.9W
HLG-240H-C700B 357V 0.7A


HLG-240H-CB Series is a range of 250W AC/DC Dimmable LED lighting power supplies featuring constant current output and a high output voltage design. The unit has wide range 90-305VAC input, is equipped with active PFC function, and the models have rated output current ranging between 700mA and 2100mA. The dimming functionality is via Mean Wells tried and tested 3 in 1 dimming function which allows the output current level to be adjusted though the output cable by connecting a resistive pot, 1-10Vdc or 10V PWM signal. With high efficiency up to 93% and potted body HLG-240H-CB can operate at temperatures between -40C and +70C using only free air convection; with the aluminium case, IP67 level, 5G anti-vibration ability and 4kV surge immunity level the series is ideal to work in various indoor and outdoor, highly dusty, moist or vibrating harsh environments.