LED street lighting, LED displays, General indoor / outdoor LED-based lighting, Moving signs




CEN-60 Series

Universal AC input up to 295VAC
Adjustable output voltage & constant current levels
IP66 level for indoor and outdoor applications
Built in active PFC function
Short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature protections
Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting
Suitable for dry, damp, wet locations

Part Number Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)
CEN-60-12 12V 5A 60W
CEN-60-15 15V 4A 60W
CEN-60-20 20V 3A 60W
CEN-60-24 24V 2.5A 60W
CEN-60-30 30V 2A 60W
CEN-60-36 36V 2A 61.2W
CEN-60-42 42V 1.45A 61W
CEN-60-48 48V 1.3A 62.4W
CEN-60-54 54V 1.15A 62.1W