General electronic applications
Factory automation
Test & measurement
Audio systems
Large sized LCD TV’s
USP-500 Features
Universal AC input
Built in active PFC circuit compliance to EN61000-3-2
Short circuit, over load, over voltage, over temperature protections
Free air convection for 400W and 500W with 23.5CFM forced air
High power density 6.2w/in3
U-bracket low profile: 41mm
Built-in remote ON-OFF control
Built-in remote sense function
AC input active surge current limiting
Built in DC OK active signal
Model No Voltage (Max) Current (Amps) Power (Watts)
USP-500-5 5V 80A 400W
USP-500-12 12V 42A 504W
USP-500-15 15V 34A 502.5W
USP-500-24 24V 21A 504W
USP-500-48 48V 10.5A 504W

Featuring advanced technology for high efficiency, USP-500 possesses up to 90% of efficiency, even for the 12V model. With the capability of supplying 400W using free air convection alone, it is perfectly suitable for fanless usage; by applying 23.5CFM of system forced air, an even higher output of 500W can be obtained. With 6.2W/ in3 of high power density, USP-500 series is a compact 90~264V switcher that is ideal for 1U (1.75-inch) installations.