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USP-225 Series Features
U-bracket low profile:38mm
High power density 4.7w/in
Universal AC input / full range
Built in active PFC circuit
Active AC surge current limiting
Protections: Short circuit/Over load/Over voltage
Air convection for 150W (free) and 225W (forced)
**Please note that values are for forced air cooling**
Model No Voltage (Max) Current (Amps) Power (Watts)
USP-225-3-3 3.3V 40A 132W
USP-225-5 5V 40A 200W
USP-225-12 12V 19A 224.4W
USP-225-15 15V 15A 225W
USP-225-24 24V 9.4A 226W
USP-225-48 48V 5A 226W

The USP-225 Series is a single output U-bracket power supply with PFC function. A highly efficient power supply at 93%, protections including, short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature. Cooling by free air convection allows an operating temperature of -20~+65°C. **Please note that values are for forced air cooling**