Industrial control systems
LED displays
Application requiring low profile installations
RSP-320 Series Features
30mm low profile design for 1U installation
Universal AC input range 88~264V
Built-in active PFC function
High efficiency up to 90%
Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan with speed control function
-30~+70°C operating temperature
Protection: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage/Over temperature
LED indicator
Optional conformal coating models (RSP-320-CC)
Model No Voltage (Max) Current (Amps) Power (Watts)
RSP-320-2-5 2.5V 60A 150W
RSP-320-3-3 3.3V 60A 198W
RSP-320-4 4V 60A 240W
RSP-320-5 5V 60A 300W
RSP-320-7-5 7.5V 40A 300W
RSP-320-12 12V 26.7A 320.4W
RSP-320-13-5 13.5V 23.8A 321.3W
RSP-320-15 15V 21.4A 321W
RSP-320-24 24V 13.4A 321.6W
RSP-320-27 27V 11.9A 321.3W
RSP-320-36 36V 8.9A 320.4W
RSP-320-48 48V 6.7A 321.6W

The RSP-320 series is a 320W economical enclosed power supply with a 30mm low profile design for 1U installations. Standard features of the RSP-320 series are, PFC function, high efficiency of up to 90% and forced air cooling by built-in DC fan. Suitable applications include general industrial control systems, mechanical & electrical industry instruments and LED displays or any systems requiring a low profile.