Motor based machinery
Gaming machines,
Lottery vending machines
Factory automation
Other general electronics
SP-320 Series Features
Universal AC input/full range
20A peak load capability for 25V channel
Built-in active PFC circuit
Short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protection
Built in remote sense function
Power fail/Power good signal output
CH1 & CH2 can be adjusted -5 to +10% rated voltage
Model No Voltage (Max) Current (Amps) Power (Watts)
QP-320D 5V 20A 316W
  12V 10A  
  24V 3A  
  -12V 2A  
QP-320F 5V 20A 316W
  15V 8A  
  24V 3A  
  -15V 2A  

QP-320 Series are 320W quad output enclosed type switching power supplies with power factor correction (PFC) function. Featuring 20A/1ms peak current capability for the 24V channel, which is repeatable every 100ms, QP-320 series can provide the power demand for operating motor based machinery. Alongside the standard functions of remote sense and PF/PG signal output the output voltage of CH1 & CH2 can be adjusted from -5 to +10%, which gives users more flexibility for use in different kinds of application.