SNP-A08 Series.png Features
IEC320 C14 and C18 AC Inlet
Low no load power consumption
High Efficiency
Green Mode
Class I & II input options
Part Number Voltage Current Power
SNP-A087 12V 6A 72W
SNP-A088 15V 5A 75W
SNP-A085 18V 4.5A 81W
SNP-A089 24V 3.3A 79.2W
SNP-A08T 48V 1.75A 84W


Input Voltage                                          90 Vac to 264 Vac
Input Frequency                                     47Hz to 63Hz
Inrush Current                                        <35A at 115Vac, <70A at 230Vac, cold start 25°C
Efficiency                                                85%~90% dependant on the model
Over Voltage Protection                         Latch off
Hold Up Time                                         >20ms at rated load and 115Vac
Short Circuit Protection                          Auto recovery
Over Load Protection                             Auto recovery
Cooling                                                   Free air convection
Output Connections                               4 Pin Hosiden for 12V, 15V & 18V



Designed for both medical and ITE applications SNP-A08 Series features no load input power of <0.3 watts and average efficiency >85% that comply with worldwide green power requirements. SNP-A08X is for Calss II input and SNP-A08X-3 is for Class I input. With 50% more peak power capability these units can offer a cost effective solution for loadings such as motoring, solenoid, capacitive bank etc.