GSM90B.png Features
Universal AC input / Full range
2 pole AC inlet IEC320-C8
Built-in active PFC function, PF>0.91
High efficiency up to 91%
Low leakage current <100uA
Short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature protections
Fully enclosed plastic case
2xMOPP (between primary to secondary) Medical safety approved
Class II power, without earth pin
LED indicator for power on
No load power consumption <0.15W
ErP step2 compliant (level V)
Meets EISA 2007 (Energy Independence and Security Act)
100% full load burn-in test
Optional lock type DC plug
Part Number Voltage Current Power
GSM90B12-P1M 12V 6.67A 80W
GSM90B15-P1M 15V 6A 90W
GSM90B19-P1M 19V 4.74A 90W
GSM90B24-P1M 24V 3.75A 90W
GSM90B48-P1M 48V 1.87A 90W


Voltage                                                   80 ~ 264VAC 113 ~ 370VDC
Frequency                                               47 ~ 63 Hz
AC Current                                             (Typ.) 1.3A/115VAC
Inrush Current                                        (Typ.) 30A/115VAC
Overload                                                 110 ~ 150% rated output power
Over Voltage                                          105~135% rated output voltage



GSM90B is a highly reliable, 90W single output green mode medical adaptor series. This product is equipped with 2 pin (no FG) IEC320-C8 AC power plug, with input range from 80Vac to 264Vac. The series offers a range of output voltages between 12Vdc and 48Vdc to satisfy the demands of various medical electrical devices. The circuitry meets international medical standards for 2xMOPP, having an <100uA ultra low leakage current. With efficiency up to 91% and 0.15W no load power consumption GSM90B Series observes the latest Level V energy regulation saving energy whilst operating or in standby mode.