GS60 Series.png Features
Universal AC input
No load power consumption <0.3W
Energy star(CEC) level IV compliant
Energy star(CEC) draft V2.0 level V
3 pole AC inlet IEC320-C14
Class I power (with earth pin)
Short circuit, over load, over voltage protections
Fully enclosed plastic case
LED indicator for power on
Approvals: UL / CUL / TUV / BSMI / CCC / CB / FCC / CE
Part Number Voltage Current Power
GS60A05-P1J 5V 5A 30W
GS60A07-P1J 7.5V 6A 45W
GS60A09-P1J 9V 6A 54W
GS60A12-P1J 12V 5A 60W
GS60A15-P1J 15V 4A 60W
GS60A18-P1J 18V 3.33A 60W
GS60A24-P1J 24V 2.5A 60W
GS60A48-P1J 48V 1.25A 60W

Input Voltage Range                                90 ~ 264VAC 135 ~ 370VDC
Frequency Range                                    47 ~ 63Hz
Efficiency  (Typ.)                                      85.5%
AC Current(Typ.)                                     1.4A / 115VAC, 1A / 230VAC
Inrush Current (max.)                              65A / 230VAC
Leakage Current (max.                           0.75mA / 240VAC
Overload                                                 105 ~ 150% rated output power
Over Temperature                                  RTH2 > 70℃



GS60 Series are a range of 60W AC/DC single output desktop green power adapters providing 5V-48V DC Outputs. With standard IEC320-C14 AC input inlet and compact size GS60 Series fulfils energy saving and environmental concerns as 92.1% of the unit can be effectively recovered, as per the WEEE regulation, and the unit complies with the latest Energy Star regulation and US California Energy Code (CEC level V). The energy saving elements of GS60 ensure the units have very low no load power consumption of <0.3W and up to 92.5% efficiency. These AC/DC adapters have also passed LPS tests and have acquired global safety certificates for TUV, UL, CUL, CB, BSMI, CE, BSMI, CE, FCC and CCC making them ideal for numerous applications including consumer electronics, IT & communications equipment and industrial devices.