EA1050A Series.png Features 
International AC input range
Over voltage, over current, short circuit and open circuit protection
No minimum load requirement
Power on Indicator
Part Number Voltage Current Power
EA1050B-18 +18V 3.3A 59.4W
EA1050B-19 +19V 3.16A 60.04W
EA1050B-20 +20V 3.0A 60W
EA1050B-24 +24V 2.5A 60W

Input voltage                                           100 to 240Vac ±10%, full range
Input frequency                                       47 to 63Hz
Current                                                    1.2A max at 115Vac, 0.6A max. at 230Vac, full load
Inrush current                                          40A max at 110Vac, 80A max. at 220Vac, cold start
Hold up time                                            8.3mS min. full load, nominal line
Input fuse                                                Fuse to line side of input
Leakage current                                      Less than 0.75mA
Ripple and noise                                     250mV, 200mV on +20Vdc
Efficiency                                                78% typically, at full dc output load