Below is a list of any UMEC power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


UP0131A-05 UP0501G-12 UP0651S-04 UP1501D-52 UP2502R
UP0301S-05 UP0501G-15 UP0653S-01 UP1501D-53 UP3001D-12
UP0301S-09 UP0501G-24 UP0653S-02 UP1501D-54 UP3001D-24
UP0301S-12 UP0501G-36 UP0653S-03 UP1501D-55 UP3001D-48
UP0301S-15 UP0501G-48 UP0653S-04 UP1501D-56 UP3001D-54
UP0301S-18 UP0501G-54 UP0751G-05    UP1501H-12 UP3001D-54A
UP0301S-24 UP0502ACC UP0751G-12 UP1501H-12 UP401A-01
UP0303S-01 UP0522A-01  UP0751G-15 UP1501H-15 UP401A-02
UP0303S-02 UP0522A-02  UP0751G-24 UP1501H-15 UP401A-03
UP0303S-03 UP0601C-03 UP0751G-36 UP1501H-24 UP401A-04
UP0401S-05 UP0601C-05 UP0751G-48 UP1501H-24 UP4602F-0252G
UP0401S-09 UP0601C-09 UP0751G-54 UP1501H-48 UP5202F-01
UP0401S-12 UP0601C-12 UP1001A-01 UP1501H-48 UP5202F-02
UP0401S-15 UP0601C-15 UP1001A-02 UP1501H-54 UP5202F-0252G
UP0401S-18 UP0601C-18 UP1001A-03 UP1501H-54 UP5202F-03
UP0401S-24 UP0601C-24 UP1001A-04 UP1K21R UP5253B-01Axx
UP0403A-01 UP0601C-29 UP1004A-01 UP2501C-12 UP5253B-01xx
UP0403A-02 UP0601C-48 UP1004A-02 UP2501C-14 UP5502R
UP0403A-03 UP0601C-54 UP1004A-03 UP2501C-24 UP5702B-01
UP0403A-04 UP0601C-56 UP1004A-04 UP2501C-48 UP5702B-02*
UP0403S-01 UP0651E UP1501D-12 UP2501C-52 UP5702B-03
UP0403S-02 UP0651J UP1501D-15 UP2501C-53 UP6001R
UP0403S-03 UP0651S-01 UP1501D-19 UP2501C-54 UP6502R
UP0501G UP0651S-02 UP1501D-24 UP2501C-55 UP9201R
UP0501G-05 UP0651S-03 UP1501D-48 UP2501C-56  

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